ME: Teacher, Lifelong Learner, Mobile digital technologies enthusiast. Though I’ve never been a gamer the species has me surrounded at home and I’m excited about the potential of digital games and gamification to engage and motivate young learners, igniting that “passion for learning” fire! Currently working as eLearning Coordinator in a primary school and tinkering with Minecraft EDU for history, maths and writing. Studying to complete my Masters in Education. Hence the new blog.

So why “The Grapevine” I hear you whisper? Oh, so many many reasons! At the simplest level, the Grapevine is how popular culture is perpetrated. The human Grapevine worked long before there were digital media communications and almost as fast. On a personal level, Grapevine (as in “I Heard it Through…”) reflects some of my own formative popular culture. Ahem… the Big Chill iteration thank you people, not the original live Marvin Gaye!

Moving on… Grapevine. it’s just a juicy word, isn’t it? Full of sweetness but the promise of far greater potency. Do I need to branch out further and harvest any more word associations for you? I’ll admit I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Yes, I know should leaf it alone. I’m crushed that I can hear you all whining
The metaphor has gone sour now hasn’t it… [fade to silence]

Image Sources:
Thanks to Rick Collier (via Flickr) for the Background Image for this site: “Red Vineyard HDR (Pollak Vineyards)” [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

Thanks also to Matthias Burgard (via Flickr) for the Featured Image on this page: “Weinreben im Kaiserstuhl” [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0] 

All images on this site are Creative Commons licensed or free to use


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